Political Manipulation in Human Rights Violations: A Case of Honor Killings in Balochistan, Pakistan

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Noor Akbar Khalil Mashhood Ahmed Sheikh


This is our analysis of the political implications of a sepcific case of honor killing in Balochistan, Pakistan.

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Noor Akbar Khalil, Universities of Roehampton, U.K, Gothenburg University, Sweden, and Tromso University, Norway

Presently he is studying M.A Human Rights Practice (HRP) from Gothenburg University, Sweden, Roehampton University-U.K and Tromso University-Norway, under European Union’s Erasmus Mundus Scholarship program. He has completed master degree in Journalism & Mass Communication and second master in Political Science from Pakistan. Previously he has worked in/for Centre for Peaceful Solution (CPS), London and Oxfam GB.  Noor is also the member of Global Core Team, Education and Research Team of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (http://www.humiliationstudies.org/whoweare/coreteamlong.php#akbar). He has participated in international trainings on different subjects including conflict resolution, nonviolent communication, ethnic diversity management, trauma healing, civil resistance and interfaith harmony.

Mashhood Ahmed Sheikh, University of Tromsø

Mashhood Ahmed Sheikh is a post graduate student at the University of Tromso, Norway. Previously he has studied double bachelors, a Masters in Population Sciences from the University of the Punjab (Pakistan), and an MPhil Visual Culture studies from the University of Tromsö (Norway). Prior to his post graduate studies in Norway, he trained at GEO TV, Pakistan, and worked at/for the Research Associates (Pakistan) and the United Nation Population Fund/Population Council in Pakistan.