Borrowing and Code Mixing in Pakistani Children’s Magazines: Practices and Functions

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Sarwet Rasul


One of the dimensions of spread of English is heavy borrowing and mixing of English words/phrases in other languages of the world. As far as Pakistan is concerned, English vocabulary is frequently borrowed and mixed in Urdu, the national language of Pakistan. The tendency of borrowing and mixing is not restricted to the spoken discourse rather is evident in the written discourse as well. The present paper explores how far this trend is exhibited in Pakistani children’s magazines. Two Children’s monthly magazines – Taalim-o-tarbiyat and Nonihal – are taken as a sample for the current research. Practices of borrowings and code mixing in these magazines are explored to examine their nature, frequency, causes, and functions. These explorations are interesting in the backdrop of general claims that these magazines use stylized Urdu syntax, and assert that they are working for the perpetuation and dissemination of standard Urdu.

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