Sanctions as a Tool in US Foreign Policy: A Case Study of Pakistan (1990-2001)

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Muhammad Fiaz Anwar


Pak-US relations from the beginning have been developed between close friendship and serious friction-reflecting the change of international and regional politics. This nature of relationship can easily be observed with respect of US policy of sanctions against Pakistan, during the period of 1990-2001.
During Afghan War Pakistan as front line state, played a key role as an ally in US policy of containment of USSR. But after the dismemberment of USSR, and with the change of US interests in the region, US imposed sanctions against Pakistan
This study will evaluate the role of US sanctions in the course of relations between the two countries. US sanctions against Pakistan will be analyzed in the light of sanctions as a foreign policy tool and final result in achieving its policy objectives in Pakistan mainly nonproliferation.
The study will also give an understanding about the nature of relationship between a superpower having its global interests and a small state with only regional interests. The study will highlight change in US priorities with change in international situation and change in US policy towards Pakistan; and its domestic and international impact. This study will also explore whether the path of sanctions brings fruitful results or it hinders development of the target country.

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