Guide for studying in Austria for Pakistani students

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Muhammad Adnan Mashhood Ahmed Sheikh


This document contains information on admission and visa process for Austria, for students from Pakistan. The reason to write this document is the lack of information about Austria, as very few Pakistani students come here. Also, Austrian embassy (in Islamabad) does not clarify much about any matters related to the visa process and the residence permit application for students. Apparently, the authorities at the Embassy do not even know about the procedure for proving your financial status to the authorities in Austria. At least, they don’t clarify this enough.  This makes the visa process more difficult. That is why we decided to write this document and categorically elaborate each step for admission and visa, for Austria. 

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Muhammad Adnan, Klagenfurt University

Muhammad Adnan is a PhD Student in Embedded Systems and Signal Processing, Klagenfurt University, Austria.

Mashhood Ahmed Sheikh, University of Tromsø

Mashhood Ahmed Sheikh is PhD fellow in Public health.