Economic and Cultural Relations Between Pakistan and the Soviet Union During Ayub Khan’s Period

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Muhammad Iqbal Falak Sher Rehmat Ullah Awan Khalid Javed


This article deals with Pakistan and Soviet Union relationship from 1958 to 1969 during Ayub Khan’s regime. It highlights aspects of all events which were main obstacles among both countries relationship at that time. It also covers the following circumstances. What was the Ayub Khan’s policy in his early period and why did he give up soon and why did he make his foreign policy in the direction of Soviet Union? Firstly, from independence of Pakistan many Governments of Pakistan received many offers from Soviet Union for paid visit, but why did Ayub Khan visit Soviet Union three times in the land mark history of Pakistan? It also points out all the pacts which were made between Pakistan and Soviet Union and its role in the war of Indo-Pak 1965.

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