India-Pakistan : Failed in Field and Across the Table

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Amit Ranjan


India and Pakistan are untired soldiers, who despite, many problem, sufferings and turbulence due to intermittent war or war like-situation and continuous tensions, are not ready to give up their decades old animosity. There are various political and non-political groups, who play a sport-spoiler and create hurdles whenever they try to improve their relationship. The two countries have tried many times in past to get the matter of Kashmir bilaterally resolve but due to various unwanted political developments they failed to do so. The political leadership and elites must have a far-sighted approach and resolve Kashmir issue between them, so that the two countries can mutually benefit from the peaceful environment. Bold steps and decisions are needed so they must be taken, without any second thought.

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Amit Ranjan, jnu

Phd candidate,South Asian studies,JNU